Attorney Mediation Referrals

More and more attorneys throughout the Huntsville, Texas, area have come to understand the value of effective mediation services. When it comes to resolving family disputes, mediation offers particular benefits.

Attorney Ann Bramlett can help attorneys understand when and if mediation is right for their clients. Attorney Bramlett regularly works with existing counsel to help them meet their clients' family dispute resolution needs.

Experienced Family Law Professional

Attorney Bramlett knows clients are looking for legal services that maximize effectiveness and efficiency. Mediation representation can play a significant role in achieving that level of legal service.

Rather than battling it out in an adversarial court proceeding, families can seek help through the experienced family legal representation of attorney Bramlett. With more than 28 years of service as a family lawyer, attorney Bramlett well understands the dynamics of families in turmoil, particularly with regard to divorcing couples. Those years of experience enable her to help manage those dynamics by serving as a family law mediator for other attorneys and their clients.

During a divorce, mediation can be employed to limit conflict. That limitation of conflict goes a long way in preserving each spouse's state of mind. More important, it shields any children from the heavy emotional damage often resulting from avoidable family conflict.

To best work with you and your client, attorney Bramlett emphasizes personalized legal attention. She works with you and your client herself.

Moreover, attorney Bramlett only handles mediation cases, including child custody mediation and child support mediation. When your client's mediation is over, attorney Bramlett goes home until the next time you have a client who can benefit from her services.