Ann Bramlett

Oftentimes spouses are no longer able to support their marriage relationship and one of them files for divorce. The courtroom places the couple in a public forum to air their grievances by giving testimony in order for the Court to make decisions about their children and the division of their community property. It is said that if everyone comes out of the Courtroom unhappy with the Judge's decision then the Judge has done a good job. Avoid that unhappiness and join together to make decisions concerning your own future and that of your children's.

More and more often, people are choosing to make their own decisions regarding their children, assets and debts. Instead of turning over the future of your children to a third party/judge or jury, based on a small amount of information, there is an alternative that allows the spouses/parents to make decisions based on their judgment as to what is right, good and healthy for their own children and what is a fair division of their estate. It is called mediation and it costs only a fraction of what paying lawyers to prosecute your case will cost and allows you to avoid a long drawn-out process to finalize your divorce or a modification effort.


I am a lawyer who has practiced family law for twenty-eight years. I have seen the devastation to parents, and their children, who chose to go through the court-system believing that the television portrayals of the court system to be true. They are not. Too often heated custody battles occur and at the end of the process, both parties are left emotionally bloodied, while the lawyers pack their briefcases and return to their lives, thus leaving two parents who are left to deal with each other for the benefit of their children until presumably their youngest child turns eighteen or graduates from high school whichever happens last. In fact, when you share children with another parent there are still occasions that arise that require both of you to be present and show as much civility as you are able to muster--still suffering from the court battle--graduations, weddings, birth of grandchildren and so on. Psychologists also agree that children whose parents are able to work co-operatively for the children's benefit are much more likely to come out of the situation of their parents divorcing emotionally stable than children who have been emotionally ravaged by a custody battle between their parents.

As a professional mediator, it is my desire to facilitate conversation between the spouses/parents to achieve a harmonious outcome that will result in both parties going forward in an emotionally healthy state. Mediation is confidential and protects spouses from being exposed to public scrutiny. I will assist you by providing an atmosphere of an open and co-operative setting. I will provide you with all of the issues that must be determined beyond custody, access and support.

Once a mediated settlement agreement (MSA) is reached it cannot be revoked by either party.

Call me at 936-295-3077 or e-mail me at [email protected]. I will either provide a meeting place or I will come to your attorney's office or an agreeable location. I will travel to your location within a 50 mile radius of Huntsville, Texas.

Family Law Mediation includes:

  • Divorce
  • Community Estate Division
  • Conservatorship, support and access
  • Decree Modifications
  • Child Custody
  • Child support

I look forward to hearing from you and working with and for you.

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